Lock-down Musings

3rd April, 2020

If you are #workingfromhome for the first time or after a long time, it is natural to miss the office routine once in a while. It is normal to feel anxious about what is happening in the world outside. Use any of the collaboration software or video conferencing to get in touch with your colleagues. Not all meeting requests have to be about work, you can still meet people just to chat and share your misery šŸ˜€

#workremotely #workbetter #workfromhome #videoconferencing #21days #covid19 #coronavirus

2nd April, 2020

There was a time when managers would turn down #workfromhome request stating policy and infra reasons. Today, the jobs that were considered as impossible to deliver by working from home have been enabled to work remotely. Employers are learning new insights, realising that the limitations they had was more psychological and not technological. They today realise that employees can be trusted to deliver. Employees who never had worked from home are finding ways to deliver better as they feel the need to meet expectations of their customers, peers and employers. While we will tide over this emergency situation, all of us need to retrospect on the lessons learned and utilise them to take informed decisions that will improve the way we work, the need to eliminate over utilisation of real estate, reduce the need to travel to work so that we continue to see the environmental benefits we are observing due to reduced human activity/interference.

#21days #workremotely #workfromanywhere #workbetter

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