Product Market Fit

Are you struggling to find the right market for your product or service? You're not alone! The truth is, many startups and even established companies struggle to achieve product-market fit. But it's not impossible! Product-market fit is the process of determining the right market for a product or service. It's the point at which a … Continue reading Product Market Fit

Metrics to measure product performance

Product managers use various metrics to measure the performance of a product. These metrics can help product managers to understand how the product is performing in the market and identify areas for improvement. Some common metrics that product managers use to measure the performance of a product include: User adoption: This metric measures the number … Continue reading Metrics to measure product performance

Personas – A gateway to product development

A persona is a fictional character that represents a specific group of users or customers. Personas are often used in product development to help product managers and other professionals understand the needs, goals, and behaviors of their target audience. To create a persona, product managers should first gather data on their target audience, including demographic … Continue reading Personas – A gateway to product development